$4.00 - $20.00

This shirt is a benefit for Queer Wave Coffee.

Queer Wave Coffee is a startup coffee roaster founded by Amber Inn guitarist Cheyenne Xochitl Love. QWC is a social mission that believes coffee should be equitable, attainable and delicious. They trade US colonial dollars for coffee grown and harvested by Catracha, a community-focused farmers' co-op formed by the Lenca people of Honduras. QWC is roasted on Chochenyo Ohlone land (precolonial East Bay, CA) by queer folx who love coffee, and actively dismantle the patriarchy.

Sunney Sindicut Records released its first record in 1990, and its final release to date was in 2004. It released records by Amber Inn, Bureau of the Glorious, Elegy, Exhale, Giving Up the Ghost, Land of the Wee Beasties, Pivot, Platypus Scourge, Popesmashers, Pot Valiant, Sinker, and The Yah Mos. You can purchase some of these records with the shirt.

The shirt was designed by Tilman Dominka.

Silver Bella+Canvas shirts with green ink. Our shirts are screen-printed locally by Rev Ink Merch.

Sacto Hardcore Shirts produces limited runs of 50 shirts for Sacramento area bands and other music related things. This design will not be reproduced after these 50 shirts are gone.